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Relate Bournemouth

Relate Bournemouth is a registered charity (1120017), a company limited by guarantee (6109030) and is a member of the Relate Federation which has a national network of 75 centres and is the UK's largest provider of relationship, family counselling and sex therapy.  Relate Bournemouth has been supporting our community since 1958 and last year we delivered over 2,000 counselling appointments.

Relate Bournemouth offers relationship counselling. family counselling, young peoples counselling, sex therapy and family mediation.  We provide supervised contact and the separated parenting information programme for the Children and Families Court Services. We also provide training courses for professionals and the public.

In January 2012 Relate Bournemouth were granted the status of BACP Accredited Service by th British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, in September 2012 we achieved a Certificate of Enhanced Accreditation from the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC) and in March 2013 we achieved the Silver Award Charter Mark from eQuality for our commitment to improving services to Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual and Trans-Gender People.

Relate Bournemouth Board of Trustees

Our Trustees share the responsibility for the overall running, strategic direction, management and financial security of Relate Bournemouth and are voting members of the charity's governing body.  Trustees are people with a range of experience who enjoy forging links in the community.  Skills and experience within the following areas are disciplines that can be particularly helpful: management finance, legal, public relations, human resources, information technology, fund-raising, social welfare, education and young people. If you are interested in becoming a trustee, please contact the centre for an application form.

Relate's Mission Statement

Relate’s role is to help people build better couple relationships

  • To enhance the quality of couple and parental family relationships.
  • To help relationships, marriages and civil partnerships withstand the pressures leading to breakdown.
  • To limit the damage which commonly accompanies failing relationships, separation and divorce and increase the prospect of subsequent relationships succeeding.

Relate aims to deliver its services with cultural sensitivity and without discrimination.

Relate believes that

  • An individual’s physical well-being and emotional and mental health benefit from a committed relationship.
  • Children thrive in families where relationships are positive and free from destructive conflict.
  • People gain from an understanding of their sexuality.

Expressing clear commitment is a helpful contribution to healthy and secure couple relationships.

Equal Opportunities

We operate fully within an equal opportunities policy and promote anti-discriminatory practice.

We see any family or individual or couple who would like to improve a relationship or who would like to part amicably or to maintain a functioning relationship as parents even if they are no longer partners.

Our definition of 'family' is a group of related, married, co-habiting or other people who call themselves such.

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