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How can Relate help me?

Relate have helped lots of lesbian, gay, bi sexual and trans couples and individuals in building stronger relationships.  We can help with the issues that affect the LGBT communities, from the big problems that might threaten your relationships and have a big effect on you and your family to smaller issues that just make things a little less than perfect.

Relationship Counselling

People often find that talking things through with a counsellor really helps them and their relationships.  You can talk through how the commitment of entering a Civil Partnership might affect you, how to manage a break-up, how outside pressures are impacting on your relationship or anything else that is an issue for you.  For more about Relationship Counselling please see our section on Relationship Counselling.

Family Counselling

Sometimes your relationships with your  family may need some help to run more smoothly.  We can help you to improve your relationships with your parents, siblings or with your children or your partners children. Relate Family Counselling can help, for more information please see our section on Family Counselling.

Sex Therapy

Sometimes our sex lives can affect our relationship.  You might have questions that our sex therapists can help with.  Please see our section on Sex Therapy for more detailed information.

Equal Opportunities

We operate fully within an equal opportunities policy and promote anti-discriminatory practice.

We see any family, individual or couple who would like to improve a relationship or who would like to part amicably or to maintain a functioning relationship as parents even if they are no longer partners.

Our definition of 'family' includes: those who are related; married; in a civil partnership; co-habiting... etc.

To book an appointment please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01202 311231

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