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Who is it for?

Relate can help where people have stopped having sex due to physical or emotional reasons. Relate psychosexual therapists see lots of people with sexual difficulties, such as:

  • Loss of desire
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Pain on intercourse

93% of the people we see tell us that we help them make their sexual relationships significantly better.

Who do we see?

Relate psychosexual therapists are experienced relationship counsellors, who have completed additional specialist training to help people overcome their sexual difficulties.

Sexual problems are difficult to talk about. Therapists know this and will quickly put you at your ease, helping you to talk about your sexual concerns. Everything you say will be treated in confidence. This means we will not give your name or any information about you to anyone outside Relate unless someone’s personal safety is at risk.

How the service works

The meetings take place in our counselling room. The first time you meet the therapist, he or she will want to talk with you in detail about your sexual difficulties. This will enable the therapist to assess the problem and to recommend the best way forward. The therapist will always carefully discuss any recommendations with you. If therapy is recommended, the therapist will design a treatment programme especially for you and you will be asked to do certain simple specific tasks or exercises in your own home. You will never be asked to undertake any sexual tasks during sessions. The tasks will be directed towards resolving your particular sexual problems. 

Therapy sessions are usually once a week and you will see the same therapist each time.

What you can expect from Relate

When you telephone the Relate centre, it is important that you ask for our PST service so that we can book an initial consultation with a Psychosexual Therapist. We will offer you your first appointments as quickly as we can.

If at the end of your initial consultation, it is agreed that Relate psychosexual therapy may be helpful, we will discuss at what times you can come on a regular basis and when this might begin. Appointments are available between 9am-9pm Monday to Thursday. Please note our peak times are evenings, so you are more likely to be offered an appointment sooner if you have availability during the daytime.


To book an appointment please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01202 311231


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