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Moving On: Breaking Up Without Breaking Down
Suzie Hayman

One in three marriages ends in divorce. Cohabitation, marriage, divorce and re-marriage are becoming a normal part of the pattern of everyday life. However, the effects of such a pattern on the adults and children involved can be extremely detrimental if handled badly.

In Moving On, Suzie Hayman draws on her many years experience as a Relate counsellor and agony aunt and provides information, advice and practical strategies to help you cope, as positively as possible, with the stress of breaking up with your partner.

You will learn how to manage negative feelings, help your children through the difficult process, communicate with your partner and children throughout, cope with shared parenting responsibilities and sort out financial issues.

Sympathetic, sound and full of positive, practical advice, this is an invaluable guide for all those facing the breakdown of their relationship.


After the Affair (Relate guide)
Julia Cole

Finding out that your partner has had an affair can feel like the end of the world; the ultimate betrayal. This book takes a frank yet sensitive look at why people embark on affairs, explores the devastating effects on the person who has been betrayed, and shows how individuals and couples can recover.

Be your Own Love Coach: Ways to help you find and keep your soul-mate
Ariana Gee, Mary Gregory

Be Your Own Love Coach empowers the reader to find the loving relationship they want and, once in a relationship, to keep a sense of who they are. It is aimed primarily at men and women who have had at least one significant relationship in the past and now want to prepare themselves to find their ideal partner. However, there is much useful advice for those already in a relationship. Written with sensitivity, honesty and wisdom, while remaining fun and down to earth, the book tackles the whole picture: taking into account the love choices people have made in the past and issues of self-belief.

Before you say I Do (Relate guide)
Elizabeth Martyn

Using practical check-lists and questionnaires ‘Before You Say I Do’ helps you gain a deeper understanding of how your relationship works and build the bedrock of a marriage that is happy, stable and fulfilling.

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